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Material: Glass

Origin: South America
Found in: 2021, Arizona, USA
Age: ~ 500 years
Technique: Moulded, canes, torchwork
Design: - see photos -
Shape: - see photos -
Color/s: Mostly blue (but see photos)
Condition: Exellent
Size: 45x5 mm (longest Nueva Cadiz)

Perforation: various

Weight: 11,2 gr.
Quantity: 11 pc

Comments: There are various rare beads on this little strand, among them a super-rare 3-layer Chevron, three 15 century Venetian beads, a molded Chevron without typical star-mold. See photos of each induvidual bead. All beads exellent, very rare and in best condition. A strand for the advanced collector!!!

Little strand of rare Nueva Cadiz and Chevrons etc.

SKU: 2921
350,00 €Price
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