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Type: Glass Bead

Material: Glass

Origin: Middle East
Found in: 2006, Bamako, Mali
Technique: Lampwork
Age: ~ 1200 years
Design: Millefiori
Shape: Long cylinder
Color/s: Green, white, red, blue, black, red, yellow
Condition: Perfect
Size: 20 x 8 mm
Perforation: 2-4 mm
Weight: 2 gr.
Quantity: 1 pc
Comments:  Please note the difference of one applied cane, which is different in design. Knowledgable Mauretanian woman explained to me this was done on purpose by the beadmakers (on other types of beads as well). Reason? Only god himself was allowed to create ultimate perfection.

Ancient Islamic Bead

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90,00 €Price
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