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Type: Pendant
Material: Silver, leather, enemal
Origin: Morocco/Akka
Found in: Marrakech
Technique: Classic silversmithing + enemalling
Age:  early 20th century
Design: Typical silversmithing
Shape: Cross-shaped
Color/s: Green, yellow, silver
Condition: OK
Size: 73x65 mm
Weight: 70 g
Quantity: 1

A rare and classic collectible from Southern Morocco and the city of Tafraoute, an old caravan meeting point. Due to age and wear there are several problems here and there - check the pictures. The old leather fastener is broken on one side.

Since this is a collectible only, one that wont be worn, that wont be a factor.

Ancient Moroccan silver cross enamal decorated

SKU: 241
255,00 €Price
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