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Type: Amulet
Name: Ktab el-fadda
Material: Silver, copper + Metal on backside
Origin: Mauritania
Found in: 2010, Nema, Mauritania
Technique: Engraving
Age: 80-100 years
Design: Mythical geometry
Shape: Animal-Fur 
Color/s: Silver
Condition: Good (leather missing, as on most such pieces)
Size: 91x68 mm
Weight: 54,9 gr
Quantity: 1 pc

Antique silver amulet (Ktab e-fadda) of exceptional quality (regarding the hand-carving designs on the seven silver elements on the white metal base), worn by Tuaregs, but also Mauritanian men in the South and South-East of the country. Such amulets can contain religious verses to serve as protection or magical numbers, then serving as lucky charm. Such amulets are basically distinct as jewelry in Mauritania - only occasionally one can find an older man wearing any of these.

One needs a great deal of luck to be able to buy such a fine piece - any piece, actually - in the country.

Tuareg Amulet

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