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Type: Glass Bead

Material: Glass
Origin: 1840, Lauscha
Found in: Lauscha, Thuringia, Germany
Age: 170 years
Technique: Blown + lampwork
Design: Transparent glass with black and white raised eyes
Shape: Teardrop
Color/s: Transparent, white and black
Condition: Perfect
Size: 24 mm top to bottom

Perforation: Metal fittings

Weight: 1 gr.
Quantity: 1 pc
EXTREMELY RARE specimen. A Lauschan sample-card confirms the age given (made 1840-1860). Less than 10 beads from Lauscha, made during that early period, exist on the collectors market. A true highlight specimen!

Blown Glass Bead

SKU: 148
125,00 €Price
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