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Type: Resin Bead
Material: Phenolic Resin
Origin: Mauritania
Found in: Mededra, 1990s
Technique: Cutting, shaping, drilling

Shape: Cross
Condition: Perfect
Size: 17x17 mm
Perforation: 1,5 mm
Weight: 10,3 gr.
Quantity: 1 pc
Such pieces - painstakingly carved out of German Phenolic beads that have been so popular in the Sahara (as Amber alternative) since the 1920s - are extremely rare even in Mauritania itself. Made by "Mallem" of the Berber communities in Mederdra (South-West Mauritania), such pieces have been made for loved ones and future brides and have been worn as hair ornaments by the gifted woman. Hard to find pieces - highly collectable.

Carved Phenolic Resin Bead

SKU: 252
100,00 €Price
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