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Type: Resin Bead
Material: Phenolic Resin
Origin: Mauritania
Found: 1993
Age: Pre 1950
Design: Geometric
Technique: Hand carving, drilling
Color/s: Yellow/black
Condition: Perfect
Size: 25x26x14 mm
Perforation: 2,5/4 mm from all corners and on top
Weight: 5,5 gr.
Quantity: 1 pc
The bead was bought 1993 in Mederdra/Mauritania during my first trip to the sahelian country. To reshape and adorn plain Phenolic Resin beads - an original product from Germany of thr 1920years - is the work of "Mallema", the wives of the Sahelian smith ("Mallem"), who work all "soft" materials (anything but metals) like mats, clay, glass ("Kiffa Beads") leather, shell and others. Plain pieces are adorned not only for reasons of beauty, but religious and protective reasons. Much of this kind of artistry is done in Berber settlement pockets of the country, the village of Mederdra, in this, in the south-western part of the country.

Carved Resin Bead

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