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Type: Glass Bead

Material: Glass

Origin: Syria (pers. assumption)
Found in: 2002, Atar, Mauritania
Age: 1000 - 1200 years
Technique: Assembled from prefabed elements on a hotplate
Design: Classic Morfia-Design with three sets of eyes and zigzags
Shape: Bicone
Color/s: Yellow, red, blue, white
Condition: Good
Size: 16x17 mm

Perforation: 6 + 5 mm

Weight: 6 gr.
Quantity: 1 pc
According to Scanlon and Pinder-Wilson - who dug in al-Fustat and found some such beads there - this beads are an Egyptian product from Early ISlamic times in the 8th century. I personally believe that Fustat glassmakers - famous mostly for glass-painting - did not have the necessary qualifications to invent and produce such a relatively difficult-to-make bead type. In my opinion Syria or Iraq are more likely production candidates. I scientific analysis of one of my such beads will probably deliver proof. Please compare prices and quality on Ebay!


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