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Type: Silver Bangles
Material: Silver + Enemal
Origin: Morocco/Tiznit
Found in: Tiznit
Technique: Classic silversmithing + enemalling
Age:  ca. 80 years
Design: Jewish workmanship
Shape: Round
Color/s: Black, yellow, green + silver
Condition: Very good
Size: 110x110x 23 mm

Inner diameter: 62 mm
Weight: 2x153 g
Quantity: 2

Such antique silver bangles and bracelets are always worn as a pair. Still, it is rare to find two pieces that really match and have been made as a couple. This is one such example. Condition is good. Nothing broken or repaired, the enemal is and the "silver knobs" are all in place.

Rare as an authentic duo.

Pair of Moroccan early 20th century silver bangels.

SKU: 242
440,00 €Price
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