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Type: Glass Bead
Name: Chevron
Material: Glass
Origin: Murano, Venice, Italy
Found in: 1994, Mauritania
Technique: Drawn
Age: ~ 400-500 years
Design: 7-layer
Shape: Baroque
Color/s:Blue, white, red, transparent
Condition: see photo
Size: 7,5 x 6 mm
Perforation: 2 mm
Weight: 0,4 g
Quantity: 1 pc

Classic 16th century, blue 7layer Venetian Chevron, called "Sria" in Morocco. The specific pieces has a wonderful ancient texture, but is 100% intact without chips or cracks etc. I can offer many more of this size, color and shape, but this one is exceptional and much nicer in reality than on my photos.

Sria or Blue 7-layer Chevron from Murano

SKU: 258
45,00 €Price
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